Monthly Archives: May 2017

A big problem in a little shell…

May 25, 2017

Columbus, Neb. – It’s a problem spreading into lakes and rivers across the Midwest and into Nebraska… and the public can help stop it. Zebra mussels, which look like snails or clams, are small but destructive. They damage boats, clog … Continued

NPPD awards construction contract for Ogallala Operations Center

May 15, 2017

Columbus, Neb. – At its regularly scheduled May meeting, NPPD’s Board of Directors awarded an approximate $1.5 million construction contract with Steele Roofing and Construction, Inc., of North Platte, Nebraska to complete renovations on what will be NPPD’s new Ogallala … Continued

NPPD, LES agree to part ways on energy resource

May 10, 2017

Columbus/Lincoln, Neb. – Tomorrow, the boards of directors for both the Nebraska Public Power District and the Lincoln Electric System will consider ending an agreement for electricity produced at NPPD’s Sheldon Station, a 225-megawatt facility outside of Hallam, Neb. The … Continued