Open Range Beef gets incentivized by NPPD

June 9, 2016

Gordon, Neb. – Nebraska Public Power District presented an EnergyWiseSM  incentive check through its Industrial Process Incentive program Thursday to Open Range Beef of Gordon, Neb., following a review and implementation of the company’s efforts to become more energy efficient.

NPPD Account Manager Terry Rajewich presented a check in the amount of $10,802 to Jill Noetzelman  of Open Range Beef, following a review and implementation of improved efficiency of the company’s compressed air system used in its operations. NPPD estimated that Open Range Beef would have a reduction of 154,313 kilowatt hours of electricity in their operation with a new system that has been installed and is in operation.

Helping customers find ways to use energy wisely is a key component of NPPD’s business strategy. “In addition to helping customers save money and being the right thing to do, energy efficiency and conservation is an important aspect of NPPD’s business,” said Rajewich.

“NPPD is pleased to partner with Open Range Beef on this energy efficiency initiative, and we’re very excited at the success they’ve achieved in reducing energy usage now and in the future. We hope this success will motivate other customers to follow the same path.”

In an industrial plant energy efficiency improvement projects often are unique and do not fit a prescriptive program. Each manufacturing plant has certain characteristics that can require an individual approach to projects. For this reason, NPPD developed the Industrial Process Incentive to assist in improving the energy efficiency of manufacturing plants.

For more information on this program and other energy efficiency opportunities and details, go to

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