NPPD will gain efficiencies and improve customer service by consolidating its Ogallala operations

October 12, 2016

Columbus, Neb. – Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) is committed to the Ogallala community and it shows with its recent purchase of the former Bomgaars retail store for a future consolidated facility. Following building renovations, the facility, located at 300 Clarice Drive, will house all of NPPD’s Ogallala operations in one location.

The new Ogallala Operations Center (OOC) will consolidate what once was three different offices — a retail customer service/distribution center, a substation garage/shop building, and a telecommunications/substation technician building.

“Consolidating our operations will provide efficiencies and improve customer service,” said Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Tom Kent. “By renovating an existing facility like the former Bomgaars building, the District is maximizing our customer value and getting a prominent location when compared to a greenfield facility. The building will need renovations to meet our requirements, but it will provide a solid foundation for operations in the Ogallala area.”

The new location provides high visibility for NPPD and its customers and continues NPPD’s presence in Ogallala and the surrounding communities it serves.

Kent said the OOC will provide an additional layer of safety for NPPD’s employees as the District’s vehicles will be housed inside the new facility, which will also save on weather-related vehicle maintenance.

This fall, NPPD will hire an architecture/engineering firm to assist in the redesign of the facility. In the spring of 2017, NPPD will hire a contractor to perform renovations on the building to meet NPPD’s operational requirements. NPPD expects to have renovations to the existing facility complete and ready for move-in by fall of 2017.

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