Media Advisory

June 3, 2016

Nebraska Public Power District will be moving a large transformer from the Axtell area to Neligh beginning Monday, June 6 and completing the move on Tuesday, June 7.

Due to the size and height of the equipment being transported, vehicle traffic may be slower than normal.  Also there may be some short interruptions of electrical and telecommunication service along the route as lines may be disconnected or raised to allow clearance. NPPD is working with local public power districts, municipalities, and telecommunications companies to coordinate any interruptions of service.

In coordination with the Nebraska Department of Roads and the State Patrol, the current planned route will start in Axtell and will travel east on Highway 6 through Hastings until it reaches Highway 81, near Fairmont, where the unit will travel north to York. The route continues west on Highway 34 to Aurora, then north on Highway 14 where the first day of movement is expected to be completed between Central City and Fullerton. The second day of the move will travel north on Highway 14 to the Neligh area, where it will be moved to a sub-station east of that community.

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