NPPD introducing new outage app for retail customers

April 30, 2015

Columbus, Neb. – Reporting power outages just got a lot easier with the introduction of a new mobile outage app.  The app will allow NPPD retail customers to report power outages, check the status of their power outage, and view current power outages on the Storm Center Outage Map.

According to Customer Services Leader Brittney Koenig, “Because the app is tied to NPPD’s outage management system, it allows customers to report outages from their phone or other mobile device, and even check their power status when away from home. Customers can sign up for push notifications, which will alert them to their account being part of a power outage, their power being restored, and also let them know if their estimated time of restoration changes by more than 30 minutes.”

Besides the main benefit of reporting and staying on top of outages, the app provides one-touch access to the customer’s “My Account” login screen allowing them to see their electric consumption, billing history, pay their bill, and sign up for paperless billing.  Other benefits are the ability to view NPPD press releases and blogs, and follow the latest Tweets, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos.

Although the app is designed for retail customers, non-NPPD customers can benefit by downloading the app to view the Storm Center Outage Map so they can view power outages affecting family and friends served directly by NPPD.

NPPD Customers and non-customers can download the free app by accessing either the App Store (for Apple users) or Google Play (for Android users). Follow these steps to download:

  • Access pertinent app store
  • Search for NPPD app using key search terms such as “NPPD,” “NPPD Outages,” “Nebraska Public Power,” or “Nebraska Public Power Outages.” (Please note: you will likely have to tap the “Search” button on your device as entering these search terms may not bring up the app as it is new to the respective markets.)
  • Once search is complete, select the app with the NPPD logo
  • The app description provides helpful information about the app
  • Follow instructions for installation by tapping an “Install” button
  • Downloading will begin
  • Once the download is complete, the app will appear on the device

“Once the app is downloaded to your device, it is a good idea to access the “Alerts” button and register your account(s) to receive notifications for outages,” Koenig states. “This will mean if your account is part of an outage, you are notified, even if you have not reported it.  Although it will be very tempting to want to see what happens when outages are reported, you should refrain unless you truly are experiencing a power outage, as having a line technician dispatched to your location in error may result in a service charge.”

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