NPPD announces final route for transmission line

March 17, 2015

Stegall to Scottsbluff project

Scottsbluff, Neb. – After a more than one-year routing and public involvement process, Nebraska Public Power District has selected a final line route for its Stegall to Scottsbluff Transmission Line Project that will enhance system reliability in the western Nebraska panhandle region.

Landowners along the route were notified recently of the routes.

The project consists of constructing a 115,000-volt electric transmission line approximately 23 miles from the existing Scottsbluff substation to a new NPPD substation to be built approximately five miles south of Stegall near the existing Stegall substation owned by the Basin Electric Power Cooperative. There will be a short 345,000-volt transmission line built between NPPD’s new substation and Basin’s existing Stegall substation.

Since announcing the need for the Stegall to Scottsbluff transmission line project about a year ago, NPPD met with stakeholders, performed field studies, reviewed maps, and held three open houses in Gering – one each in January, April and August of 2014. A public hearing, required by state statute, was held this past January in Gering.

NPPD representatives reviewed the comments provided at the public hearing and after, as they continued to study the possible line routes. It was determined the proposed route communicated at the hearing was the best route.

“First, I’d like to thank the landowners for their feedback during the public involvement process,” said Project Manager Jedd Fischer. ”We had excellent participation from landowners whether in person, by phone or via written communications. By letting us know of any future plans for their land or any special circumstances, we were able to make better, informed decisions. Our goal throughout this project was to find the best possible line route and substation site with the least overall impact to landowners. We believe the process has resulted in identification of a good route.”

Now that final line routes and substation site have been identified, property owners along the final line routes can expect an NPPD representative to contact them regarding the next steps of the project. The representative will seek to schedule a “kitchen table” meeting to discuss all important project information. These meetings will allow individual landowners to ask questions, provide valuable property specific information, and provide notice regarding land use to the project team.

Additionally, survey crews will be doing preliminary work along the routes. Results from these surveys will assist in determining the final location of structures on each property.

Line construction is set to begin in the fall of 2016.

(Editor’s Note: a downloadable final line route can be found at


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