NPPD announces final route for Muddy Creek-Ord line

October 16, 2015

Columbus, Neb. –After a one-year routing and public involvement process, NPPD has selected a final line route for its Muddy Creek to Ord Transmission Line Project, and will be entering into a phase of the project known as “right of entry.”

Notification to landowners adjacent or in close proximity to the final line route or substation site was made recently via letter. Since announcing the need for the Muddy Creek to Ord Transmission Line Project, NPPD has met with stakeholders, performed field studies, reviewed maps and held three rounds of open house meetings in both Broken Bow and Ord. NPPD hosted a final public hearing on the project in August.

NPPD project staff reviewed the comments provided at the public hearing and after, and continued to review the possible line routes, eventually determining the proposed route communicated at the public hearing was the best route.

“I’d like to thank the landowners for their feedback during the public involvement process,” said Senior Project Manager Mike Hasenkamp. “We had excellent participation from landowners whether in person, by phone or via written communications. By letting us know of any future plans for their land or any special circumstances, we were able to make better, informed decisions. Our goal throughout this project was to find the most suitable line route and substation site with the least overall impact to landowners. We believe the process has resulted in identification of a good route.”

With the final line route and substation site identified, property owners along the final line route can expect an NPPD representative to contact them regarding right of entry. The representative will seek to schedule a “kitchen table” meeting to discuss all project information. These meetings will allow individual landowners to ask questions, provide valuable property specific information, and provide notice regarding land use to the project team.

Landowners will be asked to sign a right-of-entry agreement. This agreement will grant NPPD permission to enter the property to conduct the following activities: environmental assessment, survey activities, cultural and historical resource assessments, and engineering and structural spotting assessments. The right-of-entry discussion is an opportunity for the landowner to share information about their land concerning ranching and farming operations.

Additionally, survey crews will be doing preliminary work along the routes. Results from these surveys will assist in determining the final line location on each property. Line construction is set to begin in the summer of 2017.

The project consists of constructing a 115,000-volt electric transmission line from a new substation, to be called Muddy Creek and located near an existing transmission line east of Broken Bow, to an existing substation near Ord. The line is estimated to be 40 miles in length. This transmission line project will address voltage and loading issues in the immediate area and meet the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s Reliability Standards.

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