Muddy Creek transmission line public hearings Set by NPPD for August 26 in Broken Bow, Ord

August 10, 2015

Columbus, Neb. – Two public hearings will be held in Broken Bow and Ord August 26, as part of Nebraska Public Power District’s public involvement process on its proposed Muddy Creek to Ord transmission line.

NPPD will host two public hearings for the transmission line project in Custer and Valley Counties, where the line route has been selected, with a one-hour open house prior to each formal hearing. Both public hearings will be held Wednesday, August 26. The first hearing will be held from 1-3 p.m. at the City Auditorium in Broken Bow, 314 S. 10th Avenue. The second hearing will be held from 7-9 p.m. at the Exhibit Hall of the Valley County Fairgrounds in Ord, 801 S Street.

After a one-year routing and public involvement process, NPPD has identified a proposed route and substation site for its Muddy Creek to Ord 115,000 volt transmission line project. The project consists of constructing the electric transmission line from a new substation, to be called Muddy Creek and located near an existing transmission line east of Broken Bow, to an existing substation near Ord. The line is estimated to be 42 miles in length. This transmission line project will address voltage and loading issues in the immediate area and meet the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s Reliability Standards.

Property owners along the proposed line route and substation site were mailed a certified letter inviting them to attend the public hearing.

The public hearing, required under Nebraska statutes, is conducted to present the proposed transmission project. A court reporter will document all presentations by Nebraska Public Power District and landowner comments and questions.

The first part of the public hearing consists of presentations on the project by Nebraska Public Power District and its engineering consulting firm, HDR, Inc. The topics will include the need for the project, engineering aspects, line route selection, and the easement acquisition process. Once that portion of the hearing is completed, the public will have an opportunity to speak.

Any individual can supply testimony or ask questions about the project in two ways. One way is for the individual to speak from the podium, state their name and county where the property is located, and either present information that they feel is needed about the project, or ask questions about the project. Comment cards will also be available for landowners who prefer not to speak at the podium, but desire to make a statement or ask a question. The comment or question will be read aloud during the hearing.

Prior to each formal public hearing, NPPD will host a one-hour open house similar to the previous three rounds that have been held since September of 2014. Again, this will be an opportunity for the public to provide additional information regarding their property or ask specific questions about the project. NPPD representatives will also be available following the public hearing to meet with landowners.

NPPD will announce the final line route via a newsletter approximately 30-45 days following the public hearings. Shortly thereafter, NPPD will begin meeting with landowners for right-of-entry to conduct activities along the line route. The initial activities include conducting surveys of proposed easement areas and proceeding with appraisal work. After engineering is completed, right-of-way agents will meet with landowners to fully explain the project as it relates to their specific property and explain terms and conditions of the easement needed for the line. NPPD strives for fair and respectful treatment of affected landowners during the entire process.

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