Keep a little green in your wallet with LED rebate program

March 6, 2015

Columbus, Neb. – Are you looking for a way to lower your electric bill and keep a little green in your wallet?

 Nebraska Public Power District and its wholesale customer utilities are once again providing incentives to residential electric customers for the purchase and installation of light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs.

Keeping a little green in the wallet is actually simple. Participating electric utilities will provide customers with a $5 account credit for each 60, 75, or 100-watt LED equivalent to the standard bulb they purchase. Each residential account will have available up to 15 credits this year, increasing by five the number offered in 2014. Customers can purchase these LED lamps wherever they desire, but the package should be identified as ENERGY STAR® qualified.

So a little cash stays in the wallet and at the same time, LEDs in turn reduce the amount of electricity used and help keep that electric bill down.

In recent years, LEDs have taken the lighting industry by storm. Simply put, an LED is a chip of semiconducting material that releases energy in the form of light. LEDs are used just like ordinary bulbs.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program encourages installation of LED lamps that use 75 to 80 percent less energy than equivalent incandescent light bulbs and last up to 35 times longer. LEDs do not contain mercury, which eliminates some disposal concerns.

LED lamps offer additional advantages over compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), which have long been touted as energy-efficient alternatives to standard light bulbs. LEDs illuminate instantly when their power switch is turned on. Their light output is not diminished in cold weather. In fact, LEDs last longer in cold areas. LEDs offer a variety of color temperatures that allow customers to match the appearance of standard incandescent bulbs or the bright white of most office environments. Many LED lamps are dimmable, but customers should confirm this prior to purchase, as manufacturers are required to indicate whether they are or not on the packaging.

The LED campaign will run through the end of December 2015. To receive the incentive, customers submit a completed program application along with a copy of their sales receipt to their local electric utility, but must do so within 90 days of purchase.

A brochure containing the program’s application form is available on NPPD’s website,

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