Construction traffic between Neligh and Norfolk will increase as transmission line project begins

March 13, 2015

Neligh, Neb. – There will soon be more heavy trucks on the roads between Neligh and Norfolk as Nebraska Public Power District begins construction of approximately 40 miles of a 345,000-volt transmission line.

The line will be built several miles north of and generally parallel to U.S. Highway 275. When completed, the 345,000-volt line will run between a substation located on the northeast edge of Norfolk and a substation northeast of Neligh.

“Safety is our number one priority,” said NPPD’s Project Manager Jedd Fischer. “By spreading the word about increased traffic, we hope to avoid accidents.”

In addition to the 345,000-volt line, construction will also begin on four 115,000-volt transmission line segments (20 miles total) emanating from the Neligh substation.

Siting of the new lines followed a comprehensive, one-year public involvement process. NPPD is completing preliminary activities in preparation for construction. Materials necessary for construction are slated to begin arriving at the construction site in mid-March.

The first step in construction will be digging and then pouring concrete for foundations for single-pole, self-supporting steel structures that will compose the new lines (approximately 175 for the 345,000-volt line and 30 for the 115,000-volt construction.)

Foundation work is scheduled to begin at the end of March and continue through the fall. Work will, generally, start on the west portion of the new line and then progress east. Foundation dimensions will vary, with a significant number of foundations supporting 345,000-volt structures about 7 feet by 9 feet in diameter.

The new 345,000-volt line will average four structures per mile. Average structure height will be 150 ft. Structure erection is scheduled to begin this summer, with an in-service date for the line expected to be in May 2016.

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