NPPD, utility partners roll out new energy efficiency tool

January 27, 2014

Columbus, Neb. – Are you in the market for a new home building project or remodeling and wondering what you should know or learn to get the best value? Start by calling your local electric energy provider. They may have the perfect answer, or at least know of steps you can take, to make your home more energy efficient, durable and healthy.

Recently, Nebraska Public Power District and several other public power entities in Nebraska produced and made available a home technology-related energy efficiency tool. The tool, in the form of a brochure and DVD, details current building science best practices for homeowners (or those in the construction trade) seeking to build new or renovate an existing home.

The DVD and brochure – made possible, in part, by a $12,500.00 DEED (Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments) Grant by the American Public Power Association –contains information enabling the user to learn more about how choices may ultimately affect a home’s longevity, comfort and energy use.

“Homes are typically large energy users,” said Roger Hunt, business partner program consultant with NPPD. “With the help of the new Building Technology tool, customers will be presented with an opportunity to consider various ways to use energy wisely and as efficiently as possible by choosing designs, materials and building practices that result in safe, healthy and durable homes.”

Key to using a tool like this new, building science ‘best practices’ DVD and brochure is that it offers public power customers, as well as those in related home construction trades, to gain insight into the science and modern technology of home building, Hunt said. “If at the end of the day, we’re able to help people build homes that are more energy efficient, longer lasting and healthier, then I’d say, ‘It’s been a pretty good day,’” he concluded.

For more information about the new Building Technology tool, contact your local electric power provider or go to where copies of the brochure and video can be requested.

Others who assisted in the making of this new energy efficiency tool included Polk County Rural Public Power District, Loup Public Power District, Southern Power District, Dawson Public Power District, Lincoln Electric System, Omaha Public Power District and the Nebraska Energy Office.

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