False alarm sounded in Nemaha

July 24, 2014

Brownville, Neb.- A false message regarding a hazardous material spill was briefly disseminated via a Nemaha County emergency siren in the village of Nemaha earlier today.

The erroneous vocal broadcast sounded during troubleshooting and testing of the emergency siren used to notify the public of an emergency. Cooper officials noted there was no hazardous material released, and no evacuation of the area was necessary.

In the unlikely event of an emergency at Cooper Nuclear Station, tonal sirens would sound for three minutes. Vocal messages broadcast via the sirens are not, nor will they ever be, associated with any event at the plant.

“Protecting the health and safety of the public is – and always will be – the utmost priority for the Cooper staff,” said Meshelle Ferguson, Cooper’s emergency preparedness manager. “It’s something we take very seriously. Personnel are investigating the cause of the broadcast and will take steps to ensure any such messages are not broadcast in the future.”

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