Dredging work planned at Sutherland Reservoir

April 30, 2014

Columbus, Neb. – If you are a boater and are planning to use Sutherland Reservoir, stay away from the channel area at Gerald Gentleman Station for the next few months.

Starting this week, Nebraska Public Power District will begin dredging operations Monday through Friday, tentatively through October 30.

Normally, boaters are not allowed into this channel which brings water from Sutherland Reservoir into the plant. And for the public’s safety, NPPD is asking individuals who like to fish or use the reservoir for other recreational purposes to stay away from the area while the dredging operation occurs.

Water from this channel is used for cooling purposes in the plant’s operations.

Silt in the water naturally builds up as it flows through the channel. The silt build-up in the channel needs to be removed to allow water to move into the plant without blockage.

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