Who is the ‘public’ in public power?

October 4, 2013

Fall is a great time to be a Nebraskan. You may think I’m talking football, but I’m talking public power. Electricity.

Your electric utility – whether a municipality, public power district, or cooperative – ensures you have the power you need to live your lives every day at a price that reflects only the cost of service. There are no profit margins pursued for stockholders. Instead, revenues above the cost of service are re-invested in the equipment, facilities and people that make sure your coffee pot starts in the morning and your porch light turns on at night. 

You are the ‘public’ in public power. You may be:

  • a homeowner who wants responsive service after a storm.
  • a farmer who irrigates his land to feed others.
  • an economic development representative who recruits business to her community.
  • a pastor who wants to reduce the church’s electric bill with energy efficient practices.
  • a student who loves science and new technologies.
  • a businessman who needs low rates to remain competitive.

Whoever you are, we – who work for a utility – are privileged to serve you. To hear similar personal testimonials to those above, visit the Nebraska Power Association’s website, www.nepower.org, and let us know what you think. We want to hear from you. You are the reason October is designated as Public Power Month. 

The state’s creation of its totally public power system dates back to the late 1800s, and its tradition continues today. Every Nebraskan is represented  by an elected or appointed utility board or council member, and every Nebraskan has a say in public power’s decisions.

On behalf of those of us in the electric utility business, we thank you for being the ‘public’ in public power, and we look forward to serving you every day.

Pat Pope
President and CEO, Nebraska Public Power District

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