NPPD retail customers can become ‘greener’ by participating in new Green Club program

November 13, 2013

Columbus, Neb. – Retail customers of Nebraska Public Power District will have an opportunity to be a little “greener” following approval Nov. 8 by the Board of Directors of a special retail green rate program.

That special rate, offered through NPPD’s Retail Green Club program, gives retail customers the opportunity to support renewable energy generation. This program is voluntary and allows customers who believe in the use of renewable energy generation to specify an amount of their monthly energy usage they want to come from renewable sources. Customers interested in renewable energy – which currently costs more than traditional energy sources – can invest in blocks of Nebraska-based renewable energy priced slightly above conventional energy sources.

An NPPD retail customer is any residential, commercial, or industrial customer who receives a bill for their energy use from the District.

Retail customers can purchase blocks of green energy representing 100 kilowatt hours (kwh) of electricity. The number of green energy blocks a customer decides to purchase does not change what they normally would be billed for under the appropriate base rate, but serves as a surcharge to be added to their monthly bill for green energy. That surcharge is NPPD’s additional cost to generate green energy.

A block of 100 kwh has been set for 2014 at $1.80 (plus sales tax and bill adjustments as applicable) per block. That unit charge, which can increase or decrease, will be subject to change on a yearly basis, with the new rate typically determined in the November time frame. Retail customers can purchase as many blocks of green energy as they desire.

For example, an average Nebraska home uses approximately 1,000 kwh of electricity per month. Purchasing three blocks (300 kwh) of green energy would add $5.40 (plus sales tax and bill adjustments as applicable) to the current bill. In this scenario, an average residential customer would be getting the equivalent of nearly one-third of their energy usage from green resources. To be 100 percent green, a customer would simply divide the total kwh on their electric bill by 100; this is the number of blocks to sign up for.

Blocks are available in 100 kwh units only and cannot be broken down to anything less than 100. Customers will be able to enroll or cancel their enrollment to the program at will. Cancellation of the enrollment during a billing period will be effective the end of that billing period.

The Green Club program begins January 1, 2014, but retail customers can sign up at any time by going to, call NPPD at 1-877-ASK-NPPD (275-6773), or visit any of the District’s customer service centers.

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