Upgrades to lighting fixtures nets Chadron energy rebate from NPPD

June 19, 2012

Chadron, Neb. – An upgrade in lighting fixtures can have its rewards. Ask the City of Chadron.

Monday evening (June 18), the city was the recipient of a “reward” when the Nebraska Public Power District presented the city with an EnergyWiseSM rebate in the amount of $6,385.00. The presentation was made by NPPD Account Manager Terry Rajewich during Monday’s council meeting.

“The City of Chadron was very forward thinking in looking at ways to save energy several years ago when asking NPPD to provide an energy audit of their facilities,” explained Rajewich. “While changes like these take time, the rewards are evident in the reduction of energy savings projected; and we are proud to be able to provide an energy rebate to reward them for their efforts and continuous improvement to their facilities.”

So what upgrades did the City of Chadron make to their facilities? Approximately 380 lighting fixtures were upgraded in the fire hall, city hall, police station, library, street shop, water department, and cemetery shop. The result is a savings 111,285 kilowatt hours of electricity amounting to an annual cost savings of $7,134.

“This was a great opportunity between the City of Chadron and NPPD to find ways to reduce our energy footprint,” said interim Chadron City Manager Ted Vastine. “To use energy as efficiently as possible is good for both the City of Chadron and NPPD.”

“NPPD is in the business of selling energy that is of value,” added Rajewich. “The EnergyWiseSM programs help customers reduce wasted energy – that which is of little value. This creates a win-win for our customer, the City of Chadron, and NPPD.”

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