Transmission line work may create some driving delays

October 26, 2012

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South Sioux City, Neb. – Power lines for Nebraska Public Power District’s South Sioux City 115,000-Volt Transmission Expansion project’s north route will be installed during November, which will result in some city streets being blocked on a temporary basis.

“In order to complete the north route of the line we will begin stringing line onto the poles, which have been already constructed and placed into position,” said NPPD Senior Project Coordinator Jim Shafer. “There may be periodic times that traffic will be disrupted, but NPPD’s goal is to cause as little delay in traffic in the community, but also allows our contractor crews to operate and complete the project safely, and at the same time keeps the community informed of possible delays or detours ahead of time.”

The work requires stringing wire off a large reel and onto the poles that support the line. To do this will require periods of time that the line will have to cross city streets and highways while being raised onto the poles. The north line route will not be energized during this operation.

The work, known as a pull, will be done in three separate locations along the project’s north route at different times during the month of November. Coordination of any roads being blocked is being done in conjunction with the city of South Sioux City and its police department, and the Dakota County Sherriff’s Department.

“Our goal is to have as little inconvenience as possible to the community,” he added. Shafer encouraged drivers to avoid the areas where work is ongoing and to follow signs and directions being handled by local law enforcement.

Pull # 1 will be done the week of November 5 and will cross Highway 20 west of South Sioux City and will cross Old Highway 20 by the Knights of Columbus building.

Pull # 2 will be crossing Highway 77 in the vicinity of the Hy-Vee store on Sunday, November 11.

And Pull # 3 will cross 25th Street, 29th Street, 39th Street and Interstate I-29 on Sunday, November 25.

NPPD began work earlier this year on two, new 115,000-volt transmission lines. One line is on a southern route from the existing Twin Church substation, located west of Dakota City, to a new substation to be constructed northeast of Dakota City. This work was completed earlier this summer and that portion of the line has been energized.

The second line runs on a northerly route, again starting at the Twin Church substation and terminating at the new substation. When completed at year’s end, the $20.5 million project will support industrial expansion and economic development efforts in the community.

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