Cooper Nuclear Station accepting rental information in preparation of fall refueling outage

July 10, 2012

Brownville, Neb. – As Cooper Nuclear Station (CNS) approaches its refueling outage, the local area can expect an influx of approximately 900 supplemental workers with specialized skills to support site operations. 

Many of these workers will be seeking temporary accommodations. CNS and NPPD host websites to inform these workers of area rental information for houses, apartments, hotels, and available guest rooms. 

Anyone with an available rental they would like to be included on the lists can submit their property information directly at or email it to Drew Niehaus, nuclear communications coordinator at CNS, at

The list is available at Please allow 1-2 business days for the rental data to appear on web lists.

Required information includes a description of the rental, rates, amenities, address, contact information, and any miscellaneous information, such as no smoking.

The majority of supplemental personnel will arrive August through October to support Cooper’s outage this fall.

During a refueling outage, nuclear power plants stop producing power in order to remove the used fuel and replace it with new. Outages typically last 30-60 days and provide opportunities for nuclear facilities to perform necessary maintenance that cannot be done while the plant is online.

Cooper Nuclear Station is located three miles southeast of Brownville, Neb., near the Missouri River. It is owned and operated by the Nebraska Public Power District, with headquarters in Columbus, Neb.

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