NPPD Launches Speakers Bureau

January 24, 2011

Columbus, Neb.– Understanding electricity – how it is generated, delivered, and used – is a growing topic throughout Nebraska and the United States. Wind generation has received a lot of attention in recent years, as has energy efficiency, and the increasing costs of energy.

To provide insights on such topics, the Nebraska Public Power District is launching a speakers’ bureau comprised of energy experts who work for the utility and who can provide presentations on a variety of topics. A special website entitled “Need a Speaker?” serves as a portal for speaker requests and is available to public organizations via

“NPPD has always had dedicated resources who visit and give presentations to classes and schools in NPPD’s service territory,” says Diana Luscher, speaker bureau coordinator. “We also call upon internal staff to accommodate requests for presenters to speak at community organization meetings. This online presence just makes it easier for civic groups to contact us and for us to better meet the needs of the requesters.”

Always willing to share the story of what it means to be a public power state, the cadre of voluntary presenters can also speak to such topics as wind power and renewable energy, utility careers, NPPD’s electric rates, current strategic planning process, and the benefits of energy efficiency.

The “Need a Speaker?” website asks requestors to submit the topic of interest, identify the type of group (e.g. civic, service, educational, professional, etc.) the speaker is to address, and provide a general timeframe for when the speaker is needed. A two-week advance notice is desired.

Luscher, who is a community relations/education specialist for NPPD, will match the inquiries to an appropriate and available speaker and then track the energy issues and audiences NPPD addresses each month. There is no charge to the requesting organization.

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