NPPD expedites purchase of emission equipment

September 12, 2011

Columbus, Neb. – In order to meet new stringent limits on certain emissions from its fossil-fueled generating facilities, Nebraska Public Power District’s Board of Directors approved an emergency resolution Friday to purchase and install $35.5 million in emission reduction equipment at Gerald Gentleman Station (GGS), located near Sutherland, Neb.

NPPD has a short timeframe to meet the newly established rule issued July 7 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The new requirements impact operations beginning Jan. 1, 2012. Known as the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), the final rule contains significantly more stringent limits for NOx (nitrogen oxides) and SO2 (sulfur dioxide) emissions for fossil-fueled power plants than were identified in the proposed rule. The CSAPR limits for the state’s utilities are based on computer modeling of out-of-state impacts.

NPPD plans to install 48, new low NOx burners and associated equipment at GGS Unit 2. The significant reductions between the proposed and final rules, and the short timeframe set by the EPA, required NPPD’s Board to accelerate the purchase and installation of the control technology.

It is expected that the equipment will be fully installed by the end of June 2012. NPPD had initially budgeted for the new equipment in 2011 with installation in 2014 to meet an earlier EPA-mandated rule known as the Regional Haze Rule.

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