Energy Solutions for Your Business

Nebraska Public Power District’s Energy Efficiency Team has members located throughout the state that provide Energy Solutions for commercial customers.

The role of the Energy Efficiency Team is to act as a technical resource and trusted energy advisor for the customer. We believe that our customers success, in part, depends on the efficient use of their energy resources. Thus, it’s our commitment to help customers understand their energy needs and assist them in developing and implementing ways to manage their energy resources efficiently and cost effectively!

Here are just a few of the services we offer:

Energy Efficiency Audit

  • Walk-through
    • Two to three page letter format
    • Recommendations with little narrative
    • Does not include cost/savings/payback
    • Usually no pictures
  • Specific System-Focused
    • Letter or brief report format
    • Extensive detail on one or more systems
    • May or may not have pictures
    • Usually includes cost/savings/payback
  • Full Facilities Audit
    • Includes cost/savings/payback
    • Billing history summaries, graphs, and charts
    • Pictures
  • Grant/Financing Application Audit
    • Specific to application requirements
    • May or may not be on a “per fee” basis


Heating and Cooling System Comparison

  • Evaluate space conditioning technologies that customer may consider for new or existing facilities
  • Degree-day or full load operating data utilized
  • Usually includes an estimated operating cost analysis and/or life-cycle cost analysis
  • Support/input from HVAC contractors, manufacturers, or representatives may be included


Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Assessments and Design

  • Use of light meter to obtain foot candle readings
  • IES recommended illumination levels used to compare against actual readings
  • May compare technology options available for specific application and evaluates alternatives
  • Usually includes an estimated operating cost analysis and/or a life-cycle cost analysis
  • Simple design support (rectangular rooms or area lighting) or referral to lighting professional


Energy, Demand and Rate Optimization

  • Review of customer’s existing or proposed energy profile.
  • Assurance that customer still properly fits current rate schedule.
  • If appropriate, recommendations on how to utilize energy in order to qualify for a preferred rate schedule or improve costs per energy unit under existing rate schedule.


Building Construction & Performance

  • Evaluate construction materials that customer may consider for a new or existing facility
  • A load analysis can be performed or billing history may be used for existing facilities
  • Degree-day or full load operating data utilized
  • Payback models usually developed


Technical Research & Information

  • Application-specific and industry-specific
  • Multiple amounts of resources at team’s disposal