Safely Home

At Nebraska Public Power District, safety is a core value and our number one priority. In fact, NPPD’s mission is to first and foremost safely generate and deliver reliable, low cost, sustainable energy and provide outstanding customer service. As we include safety into each of our daily tasks at work, we realize that to truly protect our most valuable assets — our employees and their families — it just makes sense to extend those efforts outwardly to include home and after-hours safety, as well.

Did you know the number of injuries occurring at home are double that at work? In fact, some of the most debilitating employee injuries we hear about happen at home. Donnie Mak’s story on page 2 is just one gut-wrenching example of the potential hazards surrounding even the simplest of chores.

Getting everyone safely home from work is always NPPD’s top priority. At the same time, we realize that to keep safety top-of-mind, it must also be practiced off-the-clock.

Safely Home, NPPD’s new quarterly publication, aims to take safe work practices, tips and experiences and apply them at home. We hope you find value in the content and share it with those you love.