Project Status:

View video (below) to watch as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Tom Kent gives an update on the R-Project to the NPPD Board of Directors at its November 9th meeting.

Questions can be directed to 308-645-2318 (field office) or 1-888-677-3412 (toll-free).

Project Overview:

NPPD plans to construct a 345,000-volt transmission line from NPPD’s Gerald Gentleman Station near Sutherland to a new substation to be sited adjacent to NPPD’s existing substation east of Thedford. The new line will then proceed east and connect to a second substation to be sited in Holt County.

Referred to as the R-Project, the approximately 225-mile-long line will help enhance operation of NPPD’s electric transmission system, relieve congestion from existing lines within the transmission system, and provide additional opportunities for development of renewable energy projects.

Public Involvement Process:

NPPD used a comprehensive public involvement process during the siting of this transmission line.Three rounds of public open house meetings were held, as well as additional meetings for interested parties. Eight public hearings were held in November 2014. Public input was encouraged throughout the entire process.

Throughout this project, NPPD continues to meet with area landowners; local, county and state government officials; and representatives of the appropriate regulatory agencies within the respective project area and communities.


Questions? Contact Us!

Thedford Field Office: 308-645-2318
Project Hotline: 1-888-677-3412 (toll-free)
Email: powerline@nppd.com