Project Status:

NPPD will be hosting several open houses that will focus on the preferred/alternative line routes that were identified (View Map). The open houses will be held from 2 – 8 p.m., CT (View Open House Schedule). Please allow 30 – 60 minutes to walk through the open house and visit with team members. In addition to the potential line routes, structure types and easement compensation will be discussed with the public.

Project Overview:

NPPD plans to construct a 345,000-volt transmission line from NPPD’s Gerald Gentleman Station near Sutherland north to a new substation in or near the Cherry County area and then east to a new substation to be constructed in either Holt, Antelope, or Wheeler County where it will tie into a 345,000-volt transmission line owned by the Western Area Power Administration.

Referred to as the R-Project, the approximately 220-mile-long line will help enhance operation of NPPD’s electric transmission system, relieve congestion from existing lines within the transmission system, and provide additional opportunities for development of renewable energy projects

Public Involvement Process:

NPPD uses a comprehensive public involvement process when siting transmission lines. Typically, three rounds of public open house meetings are held, followed by a public hearing. Public input is encouraged throughout the entire process.

During this project, NPPD will meet with area landowners; local, county and state government officials; and representatives of the appropriate regulatory agencies within the respective project area and communities.

NPPD will use a variety of communication methods to obtain comments and other valuable information needed for the route-siting/decision-making process.


Questions? Contact Us!

Project Hotline: 1-888-677-3412 (toll-free)
Email: powerline@nppd.com