Pumping Station 22

Project Status:

Representatives of NPPD are currently contacting landowners.


NPPD plans to construct an approximate three-mile 115,000-volt transmission line that will route through Holt county for pump station 22. This line is needed to support the additional demands that will be placed on the electric system as a result of a pumping station planned to be installed by TransCanada for its Keystone XL pipeline. The transmission line will deliver sufficient energy to Niobrara Valley EMC who will in turn provide total electric service to the pumping station.

Landowner Contact:

Due to the short length of the required transmission line, representatives from NPPD have contacted most landowners individually to explain the project need and routing process. High on NPPD’s list of priorities will be gathering comments from landowners with a goal of identifying the most suitable route for the new transmission line.


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