Report an Outage

If you are without electricity in normal weather, check your circuit breakers or fuses. During a storm, several people in your area also may be without power. When you call NPPD to report an outage, give your nameaddress and nature of the problem. It helps us to know if the power is just off in your house or whether the entire neighborhood is without power. NPPD provides 24-hour support for our customers. If you have an outage and get your electric bill from NPPD, call us at (toll free): 1-877-ASK-NPPD (275-6773).

If your power supplier is other than NPPD, check with your local power provider. To find out who your local power provider is, view the Nebraska Town Index.

Downed Power Line
If you are outside your home or in an automobile and you happen to encounter a downed power line, STAY AWAY. All downed power lines should be treated as if they were still carrying power. If in your car and a power line has fallen on it, STAY IN THE CAR until power company personnel arrive on the scene. If remaining in the car is not an option (fire or other unsafe conditions), JUMP clear of the vehicle and SHUFFLE away keeping your feet together.