Current Projects

Advanced Meter Infrastructure

In an effort to upgrade electric metering equipment and continue a strong focus on customer service, Nebraska Public Power District will be replacing existing residential, commercial and industrial meters in 33 retail communities over the next year. This upgrade will begin this fall when over 43,000 meters in NPPD retail communities will be replaced through late 2018.

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Transmission Line Projects

NPPD’s electric grid is an essential link to ensuring reliability of service for our customers. A transmission project does one or more of the following…

  • Supports economic development and increased system demand for electricity
  • Produces a vital link between generation and load
  • Builds access to regional or national wholesale energy markets
  • Strengthens reliability through investments in new and existing infrastructure

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Domestic Energy Research

The United States economy has been increasingly challenged by high energy prices that are due in part to a heavy dependence on foreign oil. Concurrent with this challenge, is a widespread belief and concern that global climate changes are in progress due to rising production of greenhouse gasses. The challenge for our customers and the overall global community is to find new and imaginative ways to balance the needs of our contemporary society with solid economic and environmental principles.

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