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  • Copper theft: gain a buck, lose a life
    July 17, 2017

    Columbus, Neb. – The price of copper has been inching up slightly in 2017, and so have copper thefts. Copper theft, done specifically to pick up a small amount of cash quickly, is especially harmful because of the safety risks … Continued

  • NPPD July board meeting set for York
    June 30, 2017

    Live streaming will not be available but will resume in August Columbus, Neb. – The monthly meeting of the Nebraska Public Power District’s Board of Directors will be held in York, rather than its normal location at NPPD’s General Office … Continued

  • A big problem in a little shell…
    May 25, 2017

    Columbus, Neb. – It’s a problem spreading into lakes and rivers across the Midwest and into Nebraska… and the public can help stop it. Zebra mussels, which look like snails or clams, are small but destructive. They damage boats, clog … Continued