Integrated Resource Plan

Twenty years ago, NPPD generated electricity for Nebraskans using three primary resources: nuclear, coal, and hydro-power. Today, we generate electricity with twice as many fuel sources and participate in a regional energy market, creating one of the highest, carbon-free footprints for electric utilities in the region.

And every five years, NPPD reevaluates its generation mix as part of what is called an “integrated resource plan” or IRP.

We traditionally try to predict what types of power plants could or would be used 20 years into the future, but the energy industry is changing rapidly and new technologies are in constant development. In fact, since the last IRP developed by NPPD in 2013, we have begun installing community solar. We are exploring the use of carbon-free hydrogen to generate electricity in a large volume, and researching battery storage, which could be a major breakthrough.

Such opportunities and changes in the industry are the reason why our 2018 IRP take advantages of our current resources and looks at more near-term strategies.

Watch the video, take a look at the draft plan, and review the September Board Presentation and Q&As.