SunWise Community Solar

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What is SunWise?

SunWise is the name of the new community solar program being developed by Nebraska Public Power District. NPPD is launching a pilot program with customers in select communities. Those who qualify for the pilot will have the opportunity to partially power their homes and businesses with solar energy without the expense and other inconveniences of a home solar system.

How do I enroll?

If you live in Scottsbluff or Venango and pay your electric bill to NPPD, please submit the interest form and NPPD will contact you.

Pilot Program Details

Advantages of community solar

  • Rooftop solar systems typically require a sizable upfront investment to cover the cost of installation.
  • Since there’s no system installed on your roof, you don’t need to worry about maintenance.
  • There is no added cost because taxes, insurance, and electrical inspections are eliminated.
  • Anyone can enjoy the benefits of solar even if you don’t own a home.
    • Single family residences
    • Duplexes
    • Condominiums
    • Townhouses
    • Apartments
    • Businesses
  • Community solar takes advantage of economies of scale, which allows for more efficient and economical energy generation.

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Customer Eligibility

  • Any retail customer in good standing with NPPD and located within the pilot communities are eligible to participate, including city and village accounts.
  • Exclusions are lighting accounts and customers who already have their own generation.

Program Length

  • Minimum program length is one month. Customers are allowed to exit the program at any time after the one month period.
  • Maximum program length is the term of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Enrollment Fee

  • A $50 refundable enrollment fee is credited back to the account on the 3-year anniversary date of enrollment.


  • Customers can move to another address within their community and keep their community solar shares. Participation will be terminated upon relocation out of the community. Shares are not transferable to other customers, family or friends.

Participation Levels

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