COOP / Internship Programs

What NPPD Provides

The opportunity to combine your academic studies with an occupation-related, work experience that prepares you for the world of work and the rewards of a career.

What You Receive

  • Real-world situations that allow you to apply theories and concepts learned in the classroom
  • Practical, essential, professional technological and personal skills that will help you achieve your goals
  • Realistic test-career experience
  • Resume-ready skills from a respected organization
  • A competitive edge in today’s job market

NPPD’s Co-op Program

Co-op opportunities are generally geared toward technical positions (e.g. engineering). Upon selection, the co-op engineering student will work for NPPD a semester and a summer. The student will be given increasingly challenging work in his/her career field, working alongside experienced professionals. Students may be hired to work more than one co-op session during their college career.


  • Vacation / Paid Holidays
  • Paid Medical Leave
  • Hospital-Medical / Dental
  • Prescription Drug Plan
  • Vision Care Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Assistance with living expenses

NPPD’s Internship Program

An internship may be a summer program, a semester, or a year-long program. Internships are typically project-based and are open to qualified students who meet certain minimum requirements.

Student interns perform work within their fields of study to enhance their knowledge through practical experience. College credit may apply to some internships.

NPPD Locations

Locations for co-op and internship opportunities vary from year to year. There are a variety of power plant and facility locations that may be available for co-op and internship placements in the following fields:

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Power Plant Operations
  • Customer Services
  • Line & Substation Operations
  • Chemistry

Current Job Listings




  “During my two internships, I saw firsthand how much NPPD cares about their employees and recognized they would provide me with opportunities for future growth. After graduating college, I was excited to begin my full-time career with NPPD.”
Ashley, Civil Engineer



  “I’ve always enjoyed doing hands-on work and working outdoors. During my internship, they put me to work right away. After graduating, I knew NPPD was where I wanted to return for employment.”Tyler, Line Technician



  “The internship has given me work experience that I can bring into the classroom. This allows me to look at a problem from another vantage point rather than simply from a student’s point of view.”Kathy, Former Co-op Engineer


  “My first day in as a co-op, I was treated with respect. You’re given training and knowledge the first day you walk in the door.”Mitch, Journey Line Technician 


Nebraska Public Power District is an Equal Opportunity Employer