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The Partnership looks forward to the pursuit of our goal to develop a sustainable Nebraska

for our citizens. We welcome the reader’s ideas on potential Partnership projects. If you

would like to attend a Partnership Team meeting, contact Chris Ahlstrom: (402)563-5855;

or Tricia Scott: (402)471-6974 for meeting dates and agenda.


to Enhance Nebraskans’ Quality of Life

Conc l us i on

One of the primary benefits of the Partnership has been collaborating with other organizations

in our sustainability efforts. For example, in 2010 NDEQ and NPPD initiated the examination of

energy used by publicly owned wastewater treatment plants (POTWs) in our small towns. This ef-

fort would not have been successful without the combined efforts of the UNL Partners in Pollution

Prevention (P3) intern program, U.S. EPA Region VII, and, later, the Nebraska Energy Office. Along

with NDEQ and NPPD, these organizations recognized the importance of energy use at the POTWs;

it has been estimated that a community’s wastewater treatment plant can, in and of itself, account for

20-60% of a town’s entire energy budget.

Over the following years representatives from NDEQ and NPPD worked with P3 program to

conduct energy assessments at small communities across the state. Because of resource limitations,

we were only able to assess energy use at 13 communities. However, the Nebraska Energy Office

was successful in obtaining a competitive award from the United States Dept. of Energy and with

the assistance of the P3 program completed 82 preliminary assessments during the summer of 2016.

This is an ongoing effort and the Partnership is excited about the prospects that our towns will save

energy and reduce their environmental footprint as a result of this effort.

Looking to 2017, Partnership team members anticipate a continuing escalation of change and

the need for effective communication. It is the Partnership’s hope that we can identify key areas

where our combined efforts provide Nebraska’s citizens with a more sustainable Nebraska.

If, after reviewing this report, the reader has thoughts with regard to projects that may be ap-

propriate for the partnership to examine, please pass those thoughts on to Joe Citta, Environmental

Manager for NPPD, or Joe Francis, Associate Director for NDEQ.