Benefits of Public Power

Low-Cost Power
Nebraska’s average electric rates remain among the lowest of all 50 states.

Reliable Service
Millions of dollars are invested annually to maintain and upgrade the states’ electrical infrastructure.

Local Control
Citizens have a direct and powerful voice in utility decisions and policies, both at the ballot box and in open meetings where business is conducted.

Public power’s success is measured by how much money stays within the community through low rates and not by how much goes out to shareholders.

As not-for-profit political subdivisions of the state, public power utilities are exempt from income or property taxes. In-lieu-of tax, gross revenue tax, distribution system lease payments, municipal discounts and other payments are made to state, county and local governments.

Community Services – Economic Development
Public power utilities work with their local, regional and state economic development organizations to position communities and regions for economic growth, to assist with the expansion and retention of existing industry, and to attract new businesses.

Customer Services – Energy Efficiency
Public power utilities help customers understand their energy needs and assist them in developing and implementing ways to manage their energy resources efficiently and cost-effectively.

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