Lake Maloney Dam Emergency Info.

This information is being supplied to you by Nebraska Public Power District as a way to inform you on what actions to take in the unlikely event of an emergency at Lake Maloney Dam. The following information includes protective action guidelines recommended by federal, state, county and city officials.

This information includes a map of the expected flood inundation path and evacuation routes in the area downstream of Lake Maloney Dam. If you are located in this area and an alert is issued, tune into your local radio or television station for information. Reception centers have been established at the North Platte Mall or the North Platte Community College – South Campus, outside of the inundation path.

Please read the emergency planning information and keep it close at hand. If you need additional information or have questions, please contact North Platte/Lincoln County Emergency Management at (308) 532-7383 or NPPD at (308) 532-9200.

History of Lake Maloney

Lake Maloney is an off-channel regulating reservoir for the North Platte hydro located approximately four miles south of North Platte, Nebraska. The normal maximum surface area is 1,670 acres, the normal maximum surface elevation is 3006.0 Mean Sea Level (MSL) and the gross storage capacity at normal maximum surface elevation is 21,600 acre-feet.

Lake Maloney was formed by constructing a compacted-earth dam. Construction of the dam began in 1934 and was completed in 1935. The dam is 8,700 feet long and 44 feet high at its maximum fill. Its crest width is 20 feet at elevation 3014.0 MSL.

Safety of Lake Maloney Dam

Lake Maloney Dam is an ungated, compacted-earth fill dam. The reservoir formed is off-channel with very limited drainage area and controlled inflow and outflow. The dam is visually checked on a routine basis. An alarm system is currently located immediately downstream of the Dam. The system notifies the hydro operator at the North Platte Hydro if there is leakage through the dam. The operator can then take appropriate action.